Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Connecting with Southern Illinois

As a new chapter of NCCC, we have a ton of work to do to get the word out about our mission and in turn save lives. Today, as I thought about the task before our young chapter, this point came to mind, "If cervical cancer awareness got the amount of attention that breast cancer awareness gets, think about how different the world would be..."

While cervical cancer awareness efforts are not in competition with, or superior to, breast cancer awareness efforts, the awareness in the community about these two issues seems unbalanced; despite the fact that cervical cancer is preventable.

So what can we do?

The "Talk about Teal" campaign will hopefully help to bring these two awareness efforts into balance, but for now, as a community, businesses in Southern Illinois can donate to our chapter or sponsor an upcoming event. People in Southern Illinois can become members of our organization or donate to our chapter. Click the "Support Us" link above to donate today.

We need one person in each community to serve as a liaison to our chapter to increase our outreach efforts.

We need local businesses to sponsor our self-defense seminar/fundraiser that we would like to host in October. We would be happy to put your business name, or logo on the event t-shirts, or hand out promotional items for your business to attendees, various levels of support are available.

We need local yoga instructors to help us plan, organize & host yoga samplers/educational events that can continue throughout the year to raise awareness in the community.

We need parent groups to invite us to host educational events.

We need to know about the upcoming local events where we could host exhibit tables to get the word out about cervical cancer prevention efforts.

We're new at this so we need all the input we can get, from the people right here in our own community, please email NCCC Southern Illinois Chapter Leader, Franciene Sabens at fsabens@nccc-online.org to join our efforts, and remember...

Be a Warrior, know your Risk!

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